Moving\Migrating webMethods Broker tutorial

Objective : In this tutorial we will see how we can move the broker from machine to another, or migrate the broker from version to another. This tutorial is valid for webMethods broker 7.x, 8.x, and 9.X.

Changing the server or directory of webMethods Broker might be motivated by one of the following:

  • Failure in the server which hosts webMethods broker.
  • The operating system is old, and you need to move to newer version.
  • The change of the operating system to reduce the support cost (ex. from Unix to Linux).
  • You need to use a newer version of webMethods broker.
  • You want to move the broker storage from internal storage to external storage (like SAN).

There are two main components in webMethods broker,

  1. the broker executable /binary: are the executable files which manage the broker (start, stop, add broker, relocate …).
  2. The data files/storage : which contains the business data like the brokers in the broker server, queues, document definitions, and run-time documents.

In webMethods broker version 7.x, and 8.x when moving\Migrating the broker you have to keep the broker storage in the same location. But For webMethods broker version 9.x you have the flexibility to change the location of the broker storage using the ‘relocate’ command. the ‘relocate’ command can change the location of data files directory in the critical config files and storage files.

So Here are the steps to move\migrate the webMethods broker:

1. Skip this step If you want to move or migrate the broker storage to an existing webMethods broker binary/installation.

           Install webMethods Broker binary using softwareAG installer. Don’t choose to create Broker server with the installation. We assume the installation directory is : c:\wm_dir.

2. Copy the broker data directory to the new location or the new physical  server. To know where is your data directory, check the following config file on server A (old machine) : c:\wm_dir_Old\Broker\bin\awbrokermon.cfg

 Note: If the version of the target broker binary is 7.x or 8.x, you must keep the same location of the data directory. Ex. if the data directory on the old physical server (myServer1) c:\wm_dir\data\broker1, then data directory must be place in the same place in the new physical server (myServer2) which is c:\wm_dir\data\broker1.

3. This step is ONLY for webMethods broker 9.x or later version. Execute the ‘relocate’ command if the location of the data directory has been changed. Here are the commands:

   a. Change the location of BrokerData.qs.stor

      Command syntax :

      server_config relocate  newDataDir -qs_map_file oldDataDir\BrokerData.qs.stor newDataDir\BrokerData.qs.stor

       Example :

       server_config relocate  c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default -qs_map_file            c:\wm_Dir_Old\Broker\data\awbrokers81\default\BrokerData.qs.stor c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default\BrokerData.qs.stor

  b. Changing the location of BrokerConfig.qs.stor

   server_config relocate  c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default -qs_map_file c:\wm_Dir_Old\Broker\data\awbrokers81\default\ BrokerConfig.qs.stor c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default\ BrokerConfig.qs.stor

 c. Changing the location of BrokerData.qs.log

  server_config relocate  c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default -qs_map_file c:\wm_Dir_Old\Broker\data\awbrokers81\default\ BrokerData.qs.log c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default\ BrokerData.qs.log

 d. Changing the location of BrokerConfig.qs.log

server_config relocate  c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default -qs_map_file c:\wm_Dir_Old\Broker\data\awbrokers81\default\ BrokerConfig.qs.log c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default\ BrokerConfig.qs.log

4. Create a new broker Server and assign the data files to it using the following command :

server_config add  newDataDirectory -k license_file_fullpath -p portBrokerServer

Example :

server_config add  c:\wm_dir\Broker\data\awbrokers90\default -k c:\License_Dir\Broker.xml -p 1234

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