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  1. Renato Bandino says:

    I’ve seen your tutorial “Building DMZ(demilitarized-zone) using webmethods” but it describe a simply configuration. I’ve 2 Enterprise Gateway e 4 Integration Server and I need to connect all integration servers with Enterprise Gateway ( as is described in 9-7_Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide page 463 ) . I thank you in advance.
    Best regadrs,

    • Hello Renato,
      The reason of the configuration between the internal server and the enterprise gateway is establish connections from the internal network (your 4 IS) to the DMZ area (your 2 enterprise gateway). So in your case what you have to do is configure the enterprise gateway port (external port, and registration port) as in the DMZ tutorial for each enterprise gateway, then define 2 internal server ports in each IS (one for each enterprise gateway).

      I’m checking something regarding routing the requests from the enterprise gateway to the IS servers if you have more than IS on the same registration port. I will come back soon for you.


      • Renato Bandino says:

        Thank you Hossam for your explanation.
        I would like to make an ‘ other question. The 2 internal server ports in each IS must have a different number (e.g. IS1 9877 and 9878 , IS2 9879 9880) or the same ports (IS1 9877 and 9878, IS2 9877 and 9878). It ‘ very interesting to discuss with you . I’m migrating from Webmethods 7.1.2 to Webmethods 9.7 with good results and I am trying to implement the cluster with Terracotta , but assistance sofware AG does not seem prepared . Put simply do not know where to put your hands .

      • Hell Renato,
        We are happy to help. Yes, you will use two different ports for the internal servers as you can use the port only once in the same physical server. We strongly recommend that you use secured connection ex. https for the requests received by the enterprise gateway, and don’t enable the http port(unless this is the business requirement). Regarding clustering the IS using terracotta, there is no migration for the terracotta as its new, you will have to use version 4.1 or latest version and configure it, but make sure to install Terracotta-fix-batch1 as it fixes a stability problem. You can check our tutorial under the Administration part for installing and configuring terracotta.

        Please feel free to ask any questions , and we will do our best to answer it.


  2. RT says:

    Hi Hossam,

    I was looking if you found the way how two Enterprise Gateway’s work with a pair of clustered Integrations servers. Is there a load balancing technique involved here?

  3. RT says:

    Hi Hossam,

    Did you figure out the way the communication happens between two Enterprise gateways to a clustered group of Integration Servers?

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